Fall in love with pasta

Pasta is our favourite dish.
Every day we try and make it better than the day before.

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The latest news from the Pastificio, with a taste of Tradition

un grande classico

Dalla tradizione piemontese nasce un raviolo intramontabie

una specialità del pastificio

Una specialità La Ginestra e un colpo d’occhio incredibile in tavola

specialità ligure

Dalla tradizione ligure un delicato ripieno che vi conquisterà

linea vegetariana

47% di carciofi freschi rosolati
e pinoli

Agnolotti del Papa

Dal sapore delicato e dalla sfoglia particolarmente sottile

The Pasta Factory

All our products feature a thin dough and a tasty stuffing, where garden, wood and sea tastes prevail.

Pasticio La Ginestra is an artisan family-run company.
It has been producing frozen fresh pasta since 1999.
The owners first started their business activity in the catering industry and then decided to start producing their own pasta, with the aim of creating high-quality products for those who devote themselves to cooking, both at home and at work, ensuring the genuineness and taste of high Italian gastronomy.

Our 3 traditional shapes

Our three pasta masters

ravioli pastificio la ginestra
Our 3 traditional shapes


The classic “raviolo” is a milestone of Italian cuisine. Versatile and easy to cook, it can be seasoned with tasty sauces or just olive oil and Parmesan cheese, in order to enjoy all the taste of the ingredients.

raviolini pastificio la ginestra
Small and tasty


Legend has it that guests never send back a plate of raviolini in a restaurant. Ever. With their unmatched convenience, their short cooking time and their taste, they are perfect for grown-ups and children alike.

ravioloni pastificio la ginestra
For a special dish


The size and the amount of stuffing, make them perfect for important dishes with exquisite sauces. We suggest asymmetric plating and contrasting colours.

What they say about us

Maria Del Noce

“The products of Pastificio la Ginestra are just perfect. Both stuffed and non-stuffed ones.”