Our pasta is the best solution for the catering industry: it’s convenient, versatile and at a reasonable price.

Restaurants & Wholesalers

Pasta is a passion we’ve been following for over 20 years by producing high quality frozen fresh products. We have dedicated lines for both food service professionals and the retail market.

Our strengths

and cooperation





We sell more than 50 different products, both stuffed and non-stuffed.
Each one of them meets the highest demands of chefs during the creation of courses in the catering industry.
Thanks to our expertise and production techniques, we meet the needs of the whole catering industry for both a fancy and an informal cuisine; we help chefs to offer a swift and nimble catering service, without any compromise on quality.
Our pasta, the care and attention to our customers, our skills and flexibility, are our real trademark.
We chose to deep freeze our products because it’s the most natural method of preservation and we know that it’s also the most effective and efficient one for the HO.RE.CA industry. We try to merge tradition and chefs’ knowledge with the food technicians’ expertise in order to obtain the best result ever.
We stand by the restaurateurs and meet their needs because we want to team up with them and win every possible challenge.
We love to embrace the traditional regional cuisine, which is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, by constantly studying and experimenting new recipes, choosing the best ingredients among the typical speciality of different Italian regions.
We process and produce products for private labels.
You can find us in large retail chains, but most of all we believe in small town shops, which help keeping streets, neighbourhood and small villages alive.

Our secret

sfoglia pastificio la ginestra

What’s our secret?
Quality, people, accuracy in the preparation of stuffing and dough: these values are the core of our production and our work.
We offer a great quality product at competitive prices.
We provide the right ingredients to help you improve your business making the catering service quick, flexible, tasty and unique.
Moreover, the economic benefit comes from the possibility to pick the desired quantity of product, leaving the remainder in the freezer and using it later.
Last-minute changes are not a problem any more: frozen products last more than a year.