Vegetarian products


“Pastry main ingredients: durum wheat semolina, 00-type soft wheat flour, eggs (20%), water, sunflower oil. The red and green colour of the pastry is obtained from fresh and/or dehydrated spinaches and beetroots, black from cuttlefish.”

In our vegetarian products we use Gran Kinara grated cheese produced by Fattorie Fiandino in Villafalletto (Cuneo), which does not contain any animal rennet but only vegetable rennet obtained from Cynara Cardunculus flowers.

Vegetable stuffing with borage

Ravioli alla Borragine
A refined, typical ligurian stuffing with borage, ricotta cheese, grated cheese, chards, spinaches and herbs

Vegetable ravioli

Ravioli di verdura
A green pastry stuffed with ricotta cheese and mixed vegetables (spinaches, borage, savoy cabbage, artichokes, onions), soy flour, garlic, basil, parsley, rosemary, sage.

Ligurian-style pansotti

Pansotti alla Ligure
Typical ligurian half-moon shaped pasta, stuffed with ricotta cheese, spinaches and herbs

Artichoke and pine nut jumbo ravioli

Carciofi e Pinoli
47% of fresh seared artichokes with ricotta cheese, chards and roasted pine nuts. Their bigger size enhances the delicacy of fresh artichokes, while pine nuts and Gran Kinara (grated cheese coming from Cuneo valleys and made with vegetable rennet) create a delicious, smooth and tasty stuffing.

Mushroom ravioli

ravioli ai funghi
Stuffed with ricotta cheese, dried mixed mushrooms and penny bun mushrooms, garlic and parsley

Chestnut ravioli

Ravioli alle Castagne
Boiled dried chestnuts blended with soft ricotta cheese and flavoured with rosemary create a tasty and unusual stuffing which is reminiscent of autumn and woods

Valtellina-style jumbo ravioli

Ravioloni Valtellinesi
The pastry is enriched with wholemeal buckwheat flour, the stuffing draws inspiration from the traditional Valtellina Pizzoccheri recipe: potatoes, savoy cabbage, chards, Lou Sande cheese produced by the Fiandino farm in Villafalletto (Cuneo), grated cheese, garlic and sage

Pumpkin jumbo ravioli

Ravioloni di zucca
An orange pastry stuffed with pumpkin pulp enriched by Gran Kinara grated cheese and seared rosemary

Jumbo ravioli with leek and potatoes

Ravioloni porri e patate
The taste of braised leek and potatoes is reminiscent of old home-made flavours

Purple-heart jumbo ravioli

Ravioloni dal Cuore Violetto
A tasty purple stuffing, with red cabbage and raw milk cheese “Robusta del Monviso” produced by the Rabbia di Ruffa farm in Cuneo.

Moon-shaped pasta with ligurian pesto sauce

lunette al pesto
Half moon-shaped pasta stuffed with potatoes, French beans and pesto sauce

Agnolotti with rice and cabbage

riso e coj
A traditional lower-Piedmont recipe, stuffed with rice, savoy cabbage, Lou Sande cheese and herbs

Small vegetable ravioli

Raviolini di verdura
Children like them for their shape and enjoyable stuffing