Traditional line

“Pastry main ingredients: durum wheat semolina, 00-type soft wheat flour, eggs (20%), water, sunflower oil. The red and green colour of the pastry is obtained from fresh and/or dehydrated spinaches and beetroots, black from cuttlefish.”

Ravioli al Plin

Ravioli al Plin
Old local recipe of Monferrato, Monregalese and Upper Ligurian Bormida Valley. Main stuffing ingredients are seared beef and pork meat, mortadella, cooked ham, mixed vegetables, grated cheese, onion, herbs

Homemade Ravioli

Ravioli Casalinghi
Stuffing main ingredients: Mortadella, cooked ham, seared beef e and pork meat, vegetables, grated cheese, herbs.

Braised meat ravioli

Ravioli al Brasato
Stuffed with meat braised in red wine

Roast meat and vegetable ravioli

Arrosto e verdura
Roast beef and pork with steamed chards

Ravioli with Borage

Ravioli alla Borragine
Traditional ligurian pasta, with borage and cooked ham

Round ravioli with roast beef and hazelnuts

Tondelli Arrosto e Nocciole
Round-shaped ravioli, stuffed with roast beef and Piemonte IGP hazelnuts

Smoked ham, brie cheese and radicchio

cappellacci speck,brie e radicchio
A tasty stuffing with Brie cheese, ricotta cheese, red radicchio and smoked ham in a red pastry


You can also enjoy them strained, as a tasty first course. Stuffed with mortadella, raw ham, beef and pork meat, grated cheese

Piedmontese small ravioli

Raviolini Piemontesi
Small ravioli stuffed with beef, pork meat and salami

Raw ham cappelletti

Cappelletti al Prosciutto crudo
Stuffing main ingredients: Raw ham (20%), mortadella, breadcrumbs, cooked ham, grated cheese, salt, aroma, nutmeg