Cheese stuffing

“Pastry main ingredients: durum wheat semolina, 00-type soft wheat flour, eggs (20%), water, sunflower oil. The red and green colour of the pastry is obtained from fresh and/or dehydrated spinaches and beetroots, black from cuttlefish.”

Saccottini with cheese and nuts

Saccottini formaggio e noci
An originally shaped pastry for a tasty stuffing with Gorgonzola cheese and walnuts

Triangles with walnuts and pecorino cheese

triangoli noci e pecorino
In this new product, the tastiness and scent of Pecorino del Pardu cheese with Sardinian sheep's milk meet the smoothness of Ricotta cheese and the strong taste of crushed walnuts. As always, the egg pastry is thin and delicate and the cooking is fast. For this speciality, we chose a triangular shape, with a smooth and well-pressed rim which seals the stuffing in an excellent way.

Agnolotti with fondue from Monviso

Agnolotti fonduta
For this product, we chose the “Pe’ del Munt”, a Piedmontese cheese made with raw milk and ripened for at least 6 months, produced by the Rabbia cheese factory in Ruffia (Cuneo). Its name means “at the foot of the mountain” and this fondue is rich, creamy and very tasty.

Three-coloured hearts with alpine fondue

Cuori Tricolori
Amusing red, white and green hearts stuffed with a soft Raschera DOP fondue, a local Cuneo Valleys cheese.

Squared ravioli with Bormida Valley truffles

Quadrotti al Tartufo
The Bormida and Maira Valleys combine into this creamy and scented stuffing with typical Piedmontese cheese (toma) made with the vegetable rennet of Caseificio Fiandino of Villafalleto (Cn), enriched with Bianchetto della Valbormida, a typical truffle coming from the Ligurian Langhe and western Savona province. The stuffing is then wrapped up with a rich sheet of egg pastry, as thin as the Ligurian tradition demands.