Seafood stuffing

“Pastry main ingredients: durum wheat semolina, 00-type soft wheat flour, eggs (20%), water, sunflower oil. The red and green colour of the pastry is obtained from fresh and/or dehydrated spinaches and beetroots, black from cuttlefish.”

Fish ravioli

Ravioli di pesce
All the seafood taste, stuffed with codfish, scorpion fish, squids and mussels, mixed with ricotta cheese and flavoured with parsley, garlic, basil, rosemary and marjoram.

Black & white fish ravioli

ravioli di pesce bianchi e neri
Just like fish ravioli, but with a black and white pastry

Seabass jumbo ravioli

Ravioli al Branzino
Stuffed with seabass pulp and ricotta cheese, flavoured with garlic, parsley and basil.

Swordfish jumbo ravioli

ravioloni allo spada
Stuffed with swordfish, seasoned with the mediterranean flavour of capes and oregano, potatoes and herbs.

Jumbo ravioli with dried salt cod, potatoes and olives

raRavioloni baccalà, patata e olive
Stuffed with a creamy and tasty dried salt cod pulp, olives and steamed potatoes.

“Plin” ravioli with mullet and basil

Ravioli al Plin
A delicate stuffing with mullet fillet, basil leaves, garlic and parsley.

Cantonetti with penaeus prawns and sesame

Cantonetti Mazzancolle
They have a triangular shape and a rose-coloured pastry; the roasted sesame gives taste and crunchiness to a fish stuffing made with tropical Penaeus prawns browned in garlic and parsley and softened with velvety potatoes.

Triangles with angler fish with potatoes

Triangoli alla Rana Pescatrice
The angler fish is a fine fish with a soft and tasty meat: we add steamed potato and fresh tomato cubes and obtain a traditional-taste Mediterranean stuffing.