Pastificio La Ginestra offers a wide range of frozen stuffed and non-stuffed pasta: its catalogue includes over sixty items and is constantly supplemented and updated thanks to an uninterrupted research and innovation process. Our products are inspired by the diverse regional realities which are typical of the Italian diet: from Langhe “plin” ravioli to Ligurian borage ones, from the typical Amalfi Coast scialatielli to Valtellina-style giant ravioli, reminiscent of Lombard mountain recipes.

Among the thirty non-stuffed pasta items, Pastificio La Ginestra offers both “long”pasta, like thin and thick egg noodles (tagliolini and tagliatelle) and “short” pasta, like trofie, orecchiette and cavatelli.

Moreover, you can find products made with fresh potatoes, like dumplings (gnocchi and chicche), nettle gnocchi and chestnut gnocchi, which strongly emphasize the softness and the natural flavour of potatoes.

Stuffed pasta includes a wide range of products with very different features, as for both shape and taste: from Piedmontese “plin” ravioli to seafood-stuffed ones, from round ravioli with roast beef and hazelnuts to moon-shaped pasta with Ligurian pesto sauce.

One of the distinguishing features of our stuffed pasta is the very thin pastry, with an excellent cooking firmness, and the tastiness of the stuffing, which is the result of our cooks’ long research process. This is how La Ginestra is able to offer a range of products which tastes as good as home-made pasta but also guarantee the reliability of a production process that comply with the latest European food safety standards.

In order to meet our clients’ needs in the best possible way, Pastificio La Ginestra offers a vegetarian and vegan product line alongside its traditional range of seafood and meat-based products.