Pasta factory


Pastifico La Ginestra is an artisan family-run company which produces frozen fresh pasta.

The owners first started their business activity in the catering industry and their expertise now allows them to meet the needs of those who devote themselves to cooking, both at home and at work, ensuring the genuineness and taste of high gastronomy.

During its constant growth, La Ginestra expanded its output, facilities and staff, but always stuck to the craftsmanship and high quality of its products.

It is based in the Bormida Valley, a hilly area on the border between Liguria and Piedmont, where fresh pasta (stuffed or not) has always played a pivoting role in traditional cuisine.

One of the main prerequisites of our production is the high quality of raw materials and the continuous and careful control of all the production stages.

All our products feature a thin pastry and a tasty stuffing, where garden and wood products prevail: borage, basil, mushrooms, dried chestnuts, artichokes, rosemary, chards...


We want high quality to be the main feature of our production chain, from the constant research of excellent raw materials to the control of the production stages, packing and storage.

In particular, our products stand out for their thin pastry, suited to the needs of quick service and high-quality restaurants. When selecting raw materials, we pay particular attention to the regionality of products, favouring Italian ones whenever possible, as it is the case for beef and pork meat, which exclusively comes from livestock born, raised and reared in Italy.

The wide variety shapes and stuffings is seasonally supplemented with new offers, trying to meet the needs and whet the tastes and fantasy of consumers

The healthiness of products is guaranteed by a strict implementation of the self-monitoring provided by law, the collaboration with an authorized analysis lab and the surveillance of the Local Health Authority (ASL2 Savonese). The result of our work finally led to awarding of the EC IT 9-2558/L marking.

The company is particularly focused on customer care in its various commercial aspects: from product characterization to packaging and logistics. Pastificio La Ginestra also places special focus on protecting the environment: our electricity and gas supplier guarantees the exclusive use of TUV SUD-certified green energy.